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Terms And Conditions

All work and materials are tendered by Daylight Signs on the following conditions and acceptance of such work and materials by the customer shall constitute the customer’s assent and acceptance.

Daylight Signs’ terms supersede all others, including any other client agreements.

1. Price

a. Estimates are based on the information supplied by the customer for the original quote. Extra charges will be made for additional work caused by variations to the original specification.

b. All prices are quoted net of Value Added Tax (VAT). VAT will be added where applicable.

c. Any commercial sign refused at location will be charged for in full. Should the customer contact Daylight Signs within 14 days of first refusal in order to request a second attempt at erection that will be carried out at no extra cost; should the sign be refused a second time, or indeed if no contact is made by the customer with Daylight Signs within 14 days of the initial refusal, the sign must be paid for in full.

d. Any sign which cannot be erected for safety or technical reasons, through no fault of Daylight Signs (such as for example at first floor level of a glass-fronted building), will be charged for in full. In such a case, the sign will be held for 28 days and may be used elsewhere by the customer at no extra cost.

e. Any sign cancelled within two hours of order being placed will not be charged for. A sign cancelled between 2-4 hours of the order being placed will be charged at 20% of the cost, or between 4-12 hours at 50% cost. After that time any sign cancelled will be charged for in full.

f. Preliminary work. All work carried out, whether experimentally or otherwise, at the customer’s request shall be charged for. Daylight Signs resumes the right to charge for proofs when requested, and where a job is not forthcoming up to £20 per proof if no other work is ordered.  1st proof is free , there after a charge of £10 + vat per extra proof  will be charged.

g. All our price lists are for England only , for wales / Scotland / Isle of Weight etc. please contact any of the above for a quote

h. In order to qualify for our main commercial / residential price list , commercial agents need to order at least one commercial sign bi-monthly and residential need to order 1 sign every month. Failure to order at least these amounts of signs or the equivalent in monetary terms will mean your company moving onto our one off price list where each job is subject to pricing on a one by one basis , as it becomes uneconomical to hold stock unless you adhere to the above.

Please note;  If you do not make an order with us in 20 weeks, your account will automatically be shut down.

i. for standard boards sizes 3×2 /4×3 /5×4 for larger sizes please contact

2. Delivery and payment

a. Unless otherwise specified, the price quoted is for delivery of the work to the customer’s supplied address.

b. Should expedited delivery be agreed, an extra charge may be levied for overtime.

c. Should any work be suspended at the request of the customer for a period of 30 days, Daylight Signs is entitled to payment for work already carried out, materials specially ordered and other additional costs, including storage.

d. Daylight Signs is prepared to open a monthly account with the customer. On his or her letterhead the customer must provide Daylight Signs with two trade references, a bank reference and such other information as Daylight Signs requires.

e. The customer shall pay for the goods or service within 30 days of the invoice date. All amounts overdue for payment shall, at Daylight Signs’ discretion, bear interest at the rate of 10% above the Bank of England base rate per month, compounded, for the period from the date of invoice to the date of settlement. (Such penalty shall apply regardless as to whether Judgement in a Court of Law has been obtained.)

f. In the event of the customer failing to pay for any goods on the due date, Daylight Signs has the right to suspend services under this contract or any other contracts with that customer.

g. Goods supplied by Daylight Signs shall remain the property of Daylight Signs until payment for such is received in full.

h. Companies who do not have an account with Daylight Signs should make payment with their order, unless a prior arrangement has been made through one of Daylight Signs’ clients or at the discretion of Daylight Signs directly. In the latter cases, non-account customers should pay within 7 days of the invoice date.

i. All deposits and monies paid up front are non-refundable.

j. If no orders are received from an account customer over a period of six months, his or her account will be closed.

k. Claims. Advice of damage, delay or partial loss of goods in transit or non-delivery must be submitted in writing to Daylight Signs within three days of delivery date.

l. Any sums that remain outstanding after payment is due will be subject to recovery action by the Daylight Signs agents. The client shall be liable to pay all costs, fees, disbursements and charges including all debt recovery, legal and insolvency fees and costs incurred by Daylight Signs in the recovery of any unpaid invoice(s).

m. Daylight Signs reserves the right to apply for the provisions of the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1988 to any and all invoices that remain unpaid after 30 days of the invoice date.

n. Please be aware that when angled boards are ordered to be fixed to the building , there will be nail / screw holes left when the sign is removed , we cannot be responsible for this , but if there is excessive damage we will off cause repair it free of charge.

3. Invoicing

a. Any third party invoices that remain unsettled after 60 days from the date the invoice was raised will automatically revert back to the company who placed the order and should be settled by return to avoid the addition of interest.

b. Daylight Signs’ terms are strictly 30 days from date of invoice. Any invoice that is more than 60 days old will automatically incur a 5% charge per month until the debt has been settled. This applies to all invoices to clients/third parties, whether direct or ‘care of’.

c. The invoicing of third parties is subject to status and strictly at the discretion of Daylight Signs. To invoice third parties on the instructions of the client, Daylight Signs requires full contact details, including both postal and email addresses of recipient. Daylight Signs is at liberty to notify third parties of invoices overdue under its terms of business.

d. Should a client instruct Daylight Signs to invoice a third party, either ‘care of’ or directly, the responsibility for payment lies solely with the original client (unless Daylight Signs has agreed otherwise when the initial order was placed), and will be held against the client’s own account under Daylight Signs’ payment terms. Any additional surcharges for late payment may affect the status of the original client’s account, with possible suspension.

e. Any invoice change or redirection of invoices requested, where Daylight Signs is not at fault, will incur an administration charge of £12.00 + VAT.

f. Daylight Signs will not split any invoices for joint agency boards. The responsibility for payment lies strictly with the ordering agent unless the whole invoice is to be invoiced to a third party by prior arrangement.

g. Any invoice query should be raised within 14 days of receipt since beyond that time payment must be met in full. Queries should be presented to Lorraine Day at .

h. Please note, all invoices issued issued to third parties will be charged at one off prices.  (Available on request).  We will require full contact details of who is to be invoiced including full name and address, email, phone number; these details must be provided at time of board order.

i. Once a sign / banner / fascia’s etc. has been ordered by the client  if the job is then cancelled at a later date  all works up to the point of cancellation will be chargeable as will any specialist materials that have been ordered .

4. Insurance

a. Liability. Daylight Signs Insurance cover to the value of 5 Million pounds.

b. All signage produced and erected by Daylight Signs is covered by our public liability insurance for a period of up to 12 months from the date erected. Thereafter, Daylight Signs will make an insurance inspection to ascertain the condition of the board and fixing status. There is an additional charge for that inspection (see price list) and any remedial work (if required) to warrant a further 12 month cover. Boards are deemed temporary signage and given the extreme inclement weather conditions over a 12- month period, it is vital that inspections are carried out.

c. Any client/customer of Daylight Signs not willing to abide by our Terms and Conditions must put in writing on official company headed paper their instructions to waiver insurance inspections and costs involved.

d. Daylight Signs will collect all standard agency boards that have been in situ for 12 months without insurance inspections and will charge for that removal, if not already paid for.

e. Daylight Signs reserve the right not to accept any responsibility for uninsured signage other than that covered by Daylight Signs’ Terms and Conditions.

f. Boards may be delayed in adverse weather conditions (high winds, snow and such like).  We will endeavour to put them up as soon as safely possible,

4.1. Board Insurance

a. All commercial signage erected by Daylight Signs comes with 12 months insurance cover. When cover has expired, Daylight Signs will notify the client/customer to determine whether he/she wishes to extend the insurance of the board in situ for a further 12-month period.

b. If the customer wishes to extend the insurance, Daylight Signs will inspect the sign or banner and carry out work that is required to ensure that signage is secure for a further 12-month period as per insurance requirements. There is a charge to carry out such work.

c. If the customer declines to extend insurance for a further 12 months, Daylight Signs will not be liable for any consequential damage or injury that may occur.

d. Any quotation given for signage is based on the manufacture and installation to customer requirements including 12-month insurance cover.

e. Insurance cover commences from the date signage is installed. Once cover has expired, the customer will be notified and, as detailed above, has the choice to extend cover for a further 12 months. All signs will need to be removed after two years from the date of erection unless 4.1.h applies.

f. Failure to respond to our enquiry to extend insurance cover for a further 12 months will result in the relevant signage being removed; so please respond to such communication, by email, within 2 weeks.

g. All signage will be removed after 2 years (unless specifically agreed otherwise – see 4.1.h) and invoiced accordingly, if not already invoiced and paid for.

h. For signage required to be in situ for more than 2 years, we highly recommend the use of metal signage (diebond) and legs; this is insured for up to 5 years, provided yearly inspections of it take place as required by our insurers.

i.  All signage will be removed after 1 year if you are not using our services or the office has closed.  To avoid the board being removed you will need to submit by email or post to arrange an insurance inspection.  Cost as per price list, full billing details / email are required.  This supersedes 4e. as you would have left our services or office closure.

5. General terms


a.  Any agent who requests another agents sign to be removed, will need the freeholder to confirm this to us before we carry out the instruction, or if you are able to email us stating you have the freeholders consent  to remove the other agents sign.  But any cost incurred with said action the requester will be liable for the cost involved (in producing another sign and then erecting the said sign) if the information supplied proves to be inaccurate.

5. Our GDPR Policy

a.  Protecting your privacy and rights through our commitment to GDPR.
We have updated our privacy policy to detail how we collect and process your personal data in alignment with GDPR rules. These updates have been made to clarify our terms and ensure we are in line with GDPR rulings, as well as remain transparent in how we use your information. By using our services you are consenting to how we use your information. We do not pass on any details / personal information to third parties. We will only use your information / contact you regarding invoicing or our own services.

We want to make it extremely clear that Daylight Signs do not sell on details to third parties.  By using our services you are agree to contacting you regarding our own promotions or contact you regarding work carried or being carried out or invoicing.

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