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With Health & Safety being paramount, ensure your place of work has all health and safety and warning signage to ensure a safe place of work at all times.

We are able to produce a whole range of Health and safety signage. All signs are compliant with current legislation. These signs are to keep employees, customers or passing public safe at all times. We can also incorporate your companies identity to enhance your brand and company awareness.

Daylight-Signs produce all types of Health & safety signage, including:

  • Prohibition signs – used to stop actions and prevent injuries/accidents such as ‘NO ENTRY’ or ‘NO SMOKING’

  • Mandatory Signs – an action that must be taken e.g. safety goggles must be worn

  • Warning Signs – warn persons of hazards & dangers in work place

  • First Aid Signs – show where first aid and medical assistance are based

  • Fire signs – make people aware of locations of extinguishers, exits & compliance

  • Recycling Signs – Make people aware of recycling points/centres

Whether you require signage for indoor or out we can recommend the best material to use within your budget.


Free digital images of all completed/erected orders

Free digital images of all completed/erected orders

We provide free digital images of all your completed/erected commercial boards taken in situ & delivered direct to your email box.


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